The Admission Procedure

ADYPU has a simplified and streamlined process of admission to the program. We encourage prospective students to submit their application along with the required documents well before the due date. We strongly suggest to our prospective international applicants / students to begin the process well in advance, as you may require a lot of time for other processes involved in an international admissions procedure. The admission procedure consists of the following four steps.

  • Submitting your application
    • Complete the application form
    • Submit the application form with all required credentials and documents
  • Acknowledging your application
    • You get an acknowledgement receipt within a week of submission of the application
  • Paying Application fee
    • The student would pay an application fee by credit card / debit card / any other process as would be informed to the students by the enrolment advisor.
  • Application Review
    • Admission committee reviews your application. The review process is the most crucial stage of your application procedure.
    • Candidates who meet or exceed the admission criteria are shortlisted
    • In the review process, mainly the students score in the qualifying exam and the entrance exam is rationalized. Besides the academic credentials, all other strengths including achievements in extra-curricular activities, non-academic talents, other personal skills, etc. are taken into consideration.
    • While reviewing his / her academic records, the review committee takes into consideration the grade pattern and the consistency of performance the student has maintained in specific subject during his or her academic years.
  • India and Asian Students: Class XII or A levels with NEET Clearance
  • Africa: KSA
  • North America: MCAT or 2 years Pre-Med

Admission Requirements

With the application form students have to submit the scanned copies of their academic credentials as the proof of their 10 + 2 years of education / other relevant academic documents showing that the student has studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology and secured above 60% marks in to be eligible to apply for the MBBS program.

  • Soft copy of the national ID and proof of date of birth
  • Soft copy of the Eligibility certificate to apply for MBBS program in foreign countries.
  • Soft-copy of the sponsor’s affidavit and related financial documents from the sponsor as a proof to support the studies of the student.
  • Students also have to submit other certificates as a proof of their claim to have participated in different curricular or extra-curricular activities.
  • After the university receives the application and reviews it, and deems the candidate suitable for the program, the university sends a provisional letter of acceptance with details of the amount to be paid as the confirmation of admission for MBBS program.
  • International students have to begin visa application process immediately after they receive the provisional letter of acceptance.
  • International students have to report the International Student Centre at Georgetown well in advance at least two days before the inception of the program and students have to process their visa applications accordingly.

The Eligibility Criteria

The rules for eligibility have been carefully crafted after an in-depth study of the education systems across the world. The idea is to make sure that the eligibility criteria is a level-playing field for every applicant, from any part of the world.

  • India and Asian Students - Class XII or A levels with NEET Clearance
  • Africa - KSA
  • North America - MCAT or 2 years Pre-Med
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