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Tucked away in the Atlantic Ocean, just above South America is Guyana, a country known for its unique lifestyle, mesmerizing beaches, dense rain forests; beautiful churches, cricket and calypso music. What is not known is the fact that it is the next destination of medical education. ADYPU – School of Medicine is thus, a step into the future, ahead of times, in the field of medical education.

Breaking Barriers To Medical Education

Today a medical education aspirant is faced with several challenges. Highly competitive admissions, soaring cost of education and unfriendly destinations of study are just a few of such barriers. Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Guyana addresses all these issues at once at one place offering medical education by a group with decades of experience, a friendly English speaking location at affordable fees.

Explore life at Guyana

Guyana is emerging to become one of the biggest hubs of medical education in the near future. With its many benefits – including social, economical and geographical, it is destined to attract the finest talent in medicine.

Benefits of Guyana

  • Language – Guyana is the only South American nation with English as the official language. As a result, even the medium of instruction at ADYPU – School of Medicine is English. This is a big advantage for medical aspirants, as they don’t have to learn a new language for the course and get to interact easily with the locals.
  • People – Surprisingly, almost 50% of the population of Guyana consists of Indians who have migrated from India long time back. This results in a very similar environment to that of India. The students feel at home, away from home, and have a sense of comfort seeing “Indians” around them.
  • Climate – Guyana has a tropical climate. The temperatures and the weather patterns are pretty similar to the ones experienced in India. Unlike other countries with extreme climates that are popular destinations for medical education, Guyana almost replicates the Indian climate. This is a big benefit for the students.
  • Social safety – A peaceful, democratic country, Guyana doesn’t face any trouble in form of social turbulence. There is no history of racial profiling or attacks on Asians. This creates a safe and secure haven for students to live in, without any worries for the parents back home.
  • Academic accreditation – The medical courses in Guyana are certified by the Government of Guyana and offer a simple pathway to medical practice in the USA and in India. This is a rarity globally and hence a unique advantage.

Gateway to the USA

ADYPU – School of Medicine offers a simple gateway for medical students to get into the US after completing their studies, to become a medical practitioner there. At the same time, coming back to India and becoming a medical practitioner is easier as well for our graduates.

Lifestyle in Guyana

Guyana offers a happy and vibrant lifestyle to the residents and the tourists. With cricket and football as its most popular sports, one can indulge in them on the beaches and the small playgrounds. The locals are simple and welcoming.

For sightseeing, Guyana offers a lot of churches, beaches, and wildlife options. The country has a rich cuisine and with growing Indian population, getting tasty and quality food is never a problem.

Guyana Campus
  • Ajeenkya D Y Patil University at Turkeyen,
    Tract C, Plantation Pattensen, South Railway Embankment, Georgetown, Guyana.
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